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This page is for all of the traditional art I’ve created over the years. Here’s where you’ll find:

  • pen-to-paper drawings
  • paintings on different textures
  • various other miniature projects

Some lead to little stories I’ve made on my other blog, but ultimately all of the information is right here.

Blue Iguana (click here)

This particular iguana is very important to me. I’ve been wanting a blue iguana for as long as I can remember, and up until now I haven’t had a place to put one. Now I’m looking into setting up a habitat and where he’ll reside when he’s fully grown. The dream is to be able to take him on walks, and I already have a list of names for one whenever I can finally adopt.

Materials: newspaper, Prismacolor pencils

Starry Night

Initially, this box had just a clear lid in order to see all of the contents inside. It was covered by a little piece of paper of the brand and what to use it for. Well, a blank canvas is a blank canvas, and now my floss box is covered in all of my cats. From left to right there’s: Patrick, Theodore, 6-Toes, Mamas, and Lucifer.

Materials: floss box, acrylic paint, a lot of mod podge to seal it


The information on this portrait and any other portrait I’ve done is here: Portraits.

November 12 (click here)

This drawing took me an entire summer of a lot of frustration. Throughout all of my art classes, I didn’t really learn how to shade properly, but after several attempts, this elephant came out exactly how I wanted it to.

It’s titled “November 12th” because it’s how I met my husband (click the title to see how he proposed). Back in 2013, I asked for recommendations on what to draw, and he said “a zombie elephant wearing a headdress.” Three months later, and this was the result. Now we’ve been together for nearly seven years, and this elephant is a staple in our home.

Materials: multimedia paper, several mechanical pencils, a lot of patience and a little help

Mushroom Garden

This drawing doesn’t have a lot of significance for me, I just really liked drawing radioactive mushrooms at the time. The note that I made in my phone literally says:

“Mushrooms. One big one, a fairy with her hand on it facing a hill filled with them with one significant “glowing” one on a distant hill. Or the fairy can be sitting on top of the mushroom. Or they can be two fairies, on on top and one looking up at the top.”

Materials: Crayola colored pencils, microliners, multimedia paper

Out-of-this-World Koala

I found this little tiny koala at a hobby store and decided to paint it for one of my best friends. She’s obsessed with them, and I thought it was fitting to paint it to match her username on Instagram @ thecosmickoala.

Materials: koala figurine, acrylic paint, mod podge

Broad City

Abbi and Ilana are one of several cards I’ve painted in the past few months. To see more, click here: Cards.

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