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Over the years I’ve had the privilege of creating art for a few people.

This page is for all of them.

Under each project is a little information on who they were for, along with the materials that were used.


Thanks to one of my fave MUAs and fellow cat lover (@mashedpotatuhs on IG/tiktok), this little mama is the first digital commission after my rebrand (danielleskillingsart to danidarkocrafts). She was also my first digital cat portrait and has inspired me to launch an eventual series of stickers!

Materials: iPad Pro, iPencil, Sketches app, original photo

Smoke and Clover

This logo was made for a candlemaker I found while I was on Instagram. Since I found her page, we quickly became friends and have supported each other through quite a bit. This was my first logo for someone other than myself, and she entrusted me to create it with her vision in mind.

Her candles are 100% vegan and soy-based. She makes crackling wicks, glittery wax, and they burn really evenly. If you want to look for yourself, click here!

Materials: iPad Pro, iPencil, Sketches app

Music for D. Irving

D. Irving came to me for my first ever commission shortly after I opened up my first art store (Danielle Skillings Art). Since then, I’ve been going back and forth on what I’ve wanted to do with my craft and it’s led me to creating this portfolio. In a way, this drawing is what propelled me into what I’m doing today, so if you’re reading this D. thank you!

Materials: Prismacolor colored pencils, microliners, drawing paper, sharpie


I drew this peacock for my dad. This was among one of my first commissions and it took me around 12 hours of constant coloring to get each little detail perfectly.

Materials: Drawing paper, PrismaColor colored pencils

Sabrina + Gage

This isn’t really considered a commission since I gave it to them, but I’d thought I’d place this here as an example for the digital portraits that I can do. My sister asked me to create this portrait of her and her fiancĂ© while I was working on my Father’s Day projects. This is also what set off my idea to start selling them.

For more digital portraits, click here: digital portraits.

Materials: iPad Pro, iPencil, Sketches app

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