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Dani Darko Crafts

The idea behind this logo was inspired by Frank in Donnie Darko, as a gigantic Jake Gyllenhaal fan, it’s also where I got the idea for my site name. As soon as I finished this, I knew that it was meant for not only this site, but should be made into several different types of merchandise as well.

Materials: iPad Pro, iPencil, Sketches app

AllBee There for You

This logo was obviously inspired by the Friends logo, another favorite of mine. However, AllBee There For You has nothing to do with the show and is an advice blog that I started up Fall 2019. The purpose of it is to help others realize that they aren’t alone in what they’re going through. I don’t update it often, but when I do, it’s usually a post about something I’m going through at the time.

If you’d like to read more, click here: AllBee There For You

Materials: iPad Pro, iPencil, Sketches app

American Military Consulting, LLC

This was a logo I did for my dad. He just retired last March and started his own company.

Materials: iPad Pro, iPencil, Procreate

Logos in particular have a special place in my heart because they are such an important part of any type of business. I’ve drawn logos for blogs, contracting companies, Etsy shops, vegan candle stores, and various other things. This page is where you can find all of them, along with a little excerpt on each one.

Keeping Up With A Skillings

This logo was built off of the one I already had for my account, except I incorporated a few more things. It was also my very first time actually using Procreate, which was a learning experience for sure.

It’s also for my main blog Keeping Up With A Skillings, where I write fictional stories and document most of my milestones through text. For more information click here: KUWAS.

Materials: iPad Pro, iPencil, Procreate

Smith Trim & More LLC

An old friend from high school came to me so I could draw a logo for his homebuilding business. This was my first time drawing a house in YEARS and it was such a fun experience.

Materials: iPad Pro, iPencil, Procreate

Smoke and Clover

Smoke and Clover is a soy-based vegan candle company based in Washington state. Since I found her store on Instagram, we’ve connected quite a bit and her store is where I get most of my candles. They burn extremely evenly, and you can really tell how much love she puts into each one.

For more information, you can reach her site here: Smoke and Clover

Materials: iPad Pro, iPencil, Sketches app

Published by Danielle (Skillings) AllBee

I'm an English Writing and Psychology major at the University of Colorado - Denver and write for Keeping Up With A Skillings, AllBee There for You, and Dani Darko Crafts.

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