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Digital Drawings

All of these are listed on my Etsy at www.etsy/shop/danidarkocrafts!

Pot Heads

This drawing is purely just a play on words. I remember when I finished it while I was sitting on my husband’s grandparents couch in Arizona. It took me a lot longer than I thought it would, but I seriously love it so much.

Materials: iPad Pro, iPencil, Sketches app

Cat Skull

This was actually the very first drawing I made with my iPad and iPencil. The inspiration came from a small cat skull tattoo I got one Valentine’s Day, and the flowers are inspired by Dr. Suess.

Materials: iPad Pro, iPencil, Sketches app

Body Positivity

This is actually a recreation of my stretch marks. I took this photo when I was sitting on the floor of my office and honestly, I’ve never had an issue with them. Society wants to tell us that there are all these remedies and people brag about how they don’t have them, but they’re NORMAL.

This print really does mean a lot to me, and it’s available on my Etsy.

Materials: iPad Pro, iPencil, Procreate

Flower Mandala

This was the result of me finding new apps on my iPad. It doesn’t have any significance behind it, other than the fact that I like it. Prints of this one aren’t available just yet, but they will be if they’re requested.

Hopefully there’ll be more mandalas on this page soon because they’re really fun to create!

Materials: iPad Pro, iPencil

Published by Danielle (Skillings) AllBee

I'm an English Writing and Psychology major at the University of Colorado - Denver and write for Keeping Up With A Skillings, AllBee There for You, and Dani Darko Crafts.

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