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To you it’s just a fish, but to me it’s a little person with fins.

Betta Fish Center –

This particular project is very important to me. It’s the first time I’ve ever attempted an actual embroidery project of an animal, or generally a project at all. Before this, I didn’t think I could draw my fur babies because I didn’t want to mess up how perfect they are, but I did it!

I’ve only had Milo for a little less than a year, but he’s grown on me so much. So far he’s had to be quarantined for columnaris, has moved through 4 different tanks, and has scared me more times than I can count. He’s overeaten the ghost shrimp that I thought could coexist, and he’s ultimately kept me on my toes.

Some might think it’s intense to care for a fish this much, but he’s not just a fish – he’s an honorary Meowsevelt just like the rest of my furry friends.

I’ve only had Milo for a little less

the background to Milo


Daler-Rowney acrylic paint

assorted paint brushes

14-count Aida fabric

24 gauge needle

DMC floss

4-inch embroidery hoop

Published by Danielle (Skillings) AllBee

I'm an English Writing and Psychology major at the University of Colorado - Denver and write for Keeping Up With A Skillings, AllBee There for You, and Dani Darko Crafts.

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