Madeline and the Seven of Spades

September 26, 2019

I chose to paint Madeline because she was kind of a staple in my childhood. It’s been years since I’ve actually picked up a Madeline book, but Mad About Madeline still sits on my desk. What pushed me to paint her was actually Facebook. Her photo was on my feed with the caption: “Does anyone remember her? Or was it just a dream?” But I knew she wasn’t a dream. Her class and Miss Clavel were very important when it came to establishing my ability to read the way I do, and capturing her in paint is just something I needed to do. More than likely there will be more elementary book characters on my cards at a later date, but for now… it’s spooky season time.

Published by Danielle (Skillings) AllBee

I'm an English Writing and Psychology major at the University of Colorado - Denver and write for Keeping Up With A Skillings, AllBee There for You, and Dani Darko Crafts.

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